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Digital and real world shopping experiences are getting closer

Posted in social, Thinking with tags , , , , , , , , on June 27, 2011 by Joanna Lyall

When I shop online it is becoming standard to see not only the product descriptions and maybe some reviews but also more often than not I will get some social context.  I can see how many people have liked the product and when I am logged in I can see whether that applies to my friends.  Social context appears to drive increased sales by stimulating impulse purchase and encouraging wavering consumers.  So I am increasingly interested in how this will be possible when I am in a real store.  I actually think that most of the technology is there and we are just waiting for retailers to make the connection or for consumers to demand it.  Some stores are ahead of the game; Allsaints and now the new Burberry store in Covent Garden are all teched up with digital screens that in theory will make this connection possible.  Allsaints have gone for the iPad option and Burberry have gone all out with huge digital screens and wi-fi throughout.  Both of these stores are making it easier for me to bring my digital and real world shopping closer together.  The other option I have is to use my mobile, I could use an app like Google Goggles to get access to any available information about any given object, assuming that the object owner is well optimised then I might be able to see all sorts of interesting information including what other people think about this product.  Augmented reality technology like Layar can also help bring these shopping worlds together.  Bings latest developments on their search engine are also geared to help bring more social context to shopping experiences; combining location with social data and recommendations.  Every brand owner should be thinking about how to make sure that they are ready and optimised for the new consumer demands…

Alternatively, if I don’t want to leave my home but do want the experience of trying things on before I buy then XBOX Kinect might just have the answer with its virtual shopping experience technology:

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Does this make me a gamer?

Posted in Ideas you love to share, Platform with tags , , on January 4, 2011 by Joanna Lyall

I am most definitely not a gamer but have enjoyed many hours of gaming on the new Xbox Kinnect this Christmas.  Previously I had thought the Wii was very clever but Kinnect blows it out the water.  The system was so intuitive that I didn’t need to bother with instructions and within about 10 minutes of orientation myself I was competing on the athletics track against my husband and mother in law (something I would never have imagined her doing).  The experience was fun and very tiring!  Kinnect makes gaming suitable for all the family and a good way to offset overeating at Christmas. 

One of my favourite activities was creating my avatar, I think this transported me back to the 7-year-old who loved Barbie and dressing her in different outfits.  I created avatars for the whole family with a selection of outfits to wear for different gaming events.  You can even dress in black tie, although I have not found an appropriate game for that yet, maybe Bond should come to Kinnect.  It is amazing how much you can get the avatars looking like their real life counterpart.

If you have seen the TV ad for Kinnect you will have seen the whole family laughing on the sofa whilst watching someone play and actually in real life it is very similar, we laughed a lot and of course got very competitive. 

We enjoyed the T-Mobile branding of a bowling balls in the 10 pin game, it was noticed and talked about so I guess you could say it worked.  Advertising in the gaming world does add the experience because it makes it seem more realistic if we see posters on the road side but some smart product placement could have even more impact.  So come on clothing stores give my avatar something more interesting or in fashion to wear!
This gaming experience involves your whole body and really does pull you in and immerse you in a fantasy world.  Once you get your head around just how clever this gestured controlled gaming console is you forget what old gaming was like.  It feels so natural and so intuitive to communicate with your hands and body.   I wonder how popular it will be with teens, will it get them up off the sofa and moving around the room?  If the games are good enough then why not.

I have always thought that gaming was a bit of a waste of time because it literally takes hours out of your day to achieve nothing of real value.  Now I think that this is probably still true but the new generation of sport/health games genuinely do offer something to us.  We have seen reports and stories of overweight of mentally scarred teens who have spent too much time in violent worlds or car chases.  Maybe technology like Kinnect might help fix one of those problems. 

So am I a ‘gamer’ now?….