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Why more women aren’t sitting at the top

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Women in technology

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Today I attended the inaugural CWT everywomen in Technology awards and have come away inspired by the amazing work that women are doing around the UK with technology in their businesses.  Winners talked about mentors, finding inspiration and leading teams.  One of the winners (Nikki Walker from Cisco) shared a quote from one of her mentors; “you don’t need a title to lead’.  This really resonated with me and reminded me that it is about what you everyday to influence the people around you to make a better company and create more success, it is not about waiting for the promotion or title to make a difference.

When I stated my blog I chose to focus on how I think technology makes advertising better.  As I sat there today I was wondering if I felt out-of-place being from a media agency rather than from an ‘IT’ company and then I was reminded of this original thought.  Technology has slipped into the media world and taken quite a few of its inhabitants by surprise and I’m quite sure if asked they would deny all knowledge of working in the technology industry at all. 

For me having spent my career to date in digital it is the technology element that I find most interesting and it is that technology that is changing our industry beyond recognition. Technology affects both how we do business and what business we do.

Everyone in the room today was there because they believe in the power of women working in technology and want to see more representation for many reasons but particularly because on the consumer side it is women with the spending and decision-making power.  When you look at the billion dollar digital businesses (facebook/groupon) they might be run by men but they are driven by the female customers so it makes sense to reflect this in the business structure. 

Wendy Tan-White founder of Moonfruit and winner of the entrepreneur of the year award said that when she was in Texas last week for SXSW the VCs were talking about actively looking for new businesses being run by women.  So there has never been a better time for women in technology.  

If you are in Media then you are in technology (or at least I think you should be). The companies that our clients want to spend time with are tech based and if we as media agencies truly want to understand them we must become more like them.

Next year at this event I would love to see a woman from media winning an award for how she has developed or used technology to change something for the better.

The New Year DAWN event

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The DAWN team have planned an event for February 9th focusing on work and life balance. This event is aimed all women working in the digital media industry who are looking to be inspired and network with like-minded people. Places are selling out fast so if you are interested sign up now.

Never wear flip flops or make the tea

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This might seem like a strange post for my blog but hopefully by the end you will see why it is relevant.  Have you ever met DAWN? If you work in Digital media in the UK then she might just be your most influential new friend….

D.A.W.N (Digital Advertising Womens Network) launched officially tonight after 9 months of planning over coffee and croisants with our first event.  The theme of the event focused on the importance of building networks around you to succeed in your career and in life in general.  We had four wonderful speakers; Sonian  Sudhakar (head of online at Virgin), Pippa Glucklich (MD of Arena Media), Leigh Smyth (MD Race Online) and Nickie Smith (Marketing Director Microsoft) who all shared their experiences and ideas for how to go further as a women in Media.  The turn out was brilliant and the vibe on the night was positive, I think DAWN is here to stay.  After hearing people speak honestly and openly about their experiences there is no way you can come away feeling anything but inspired.  Here are some of my favourite advice gems from the night

  • Don’t be afraid of technology. if you don’t understand it find someone who does and be their friend
  • Women should be more confident in their ability, men tend to blag far more!
  • Never be afraid to ask a question
  • Build a network around you, it will help you take risks and be there to catch you
  • Think of yourself as a brand and invest that in that brand as often as possible: network, learn, reflect and turn up
  • Word has it that men spend 70% of their time thinking about their next career move and 30% thinking about the job in hand, for women it is more 100% the job they have now… we can learn something from that
  • Women embrace your impostor syndrome… you are supposed to be there and you do deserve your job.  As the book says, feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Get a mentor or mentors –  have people to turn to for advice, especially someone outside of your immediate company for an objective POV
  • Never wear flip flops (even though some are really nice) just think about the message you give by how you look and don’t take this too literally!
  • Don’t make the tea, or certainly not every time, resist that inner female urge
  • Give something back, help other women around you achieve their goals, you will learn something for yourself from every one of these experiences
  • Set your ambitions high and work on something that motivates you
  • Ask people around you how they perceive you, ask for feedback, use the mirrors to see yourself through others eyes
  • The right attitude will get you places faster, be positive  and enthusiastic about what you are going to embark on
  • Some days you might drown but others will be plain sailing, embrace both
  • Be dedicated, trustworthy and reliable
  • Balance home and work life and recognise the people around you who help make it possible to have it all
  • Stretch yourself, explore new avenues, take a risk.. it might just become your greatest attribute
  • Always try to see your world through different lenses, it is probably bigger, better and brighter than you think, if not change something
  • Know what your talent is and understand your worth so you can help others see your value

DAWN will be many things but most importantly it will create a connection between like minded people in the digital media industry, this connection can be felt in the real world at events but can also be experienced everyday through technology.  DAWN is active now on Facebook and Linked In, how influential can she be….?  and men before you get upset about being excluded, DAWN is open to men as well under the banner of DAN, so watch this space.