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Video: Jo Lyall from Mindshare on Sticky Stories, Purchasing Paths – #AdVision – Microsoft Advertising Blog – Microsoft Advertising Community

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Video: Jo Lyall from Mindshare on Sticky Stories, Purchasing Paths – #AdVision – Microsoft Advertising Blog – Microsoft Advertising Community.


Mobile applications turn static comms into engaging experiences

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Technology provides the vehicle that turns paid advertising into owned and earned value.   Autonomy, a UK search technology company developed application called Aurasma that allows a user to point their iPhone or iPad at a static image and generate a video.  essentially this allows you to bring a print ad to life and creates a richer more engaging brand experience for the consumer.  This type of technology falls under the augmented reality category and Google offers a similar tool in it Goggles application.  I think we will see more of this integrated advertising made possible through the growth of smart phones.  The FT recently used this technology in a partnership with Wally Yachts, it turned a still image into a film of boat racing.

Time and technology + story the new model for modern marketing

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The new Audi Le Mans ad premiered tonight before the Champs League kick off.  The 2.5 min ad tells the story of what it is like to be an Audi driver in the 24 hour Le Mans race.  The ad in shot in 2d and 3d (viewable on Sky and in cinema).  It is beautiful and engaging, it is an ad that you want to watch.  Longer time lengths, smart use of technology combined with a story gives a brand stand out but will it pay back on the media cost (at circa £160k per 30 secs)?

From what I can see they have a fabulous piece of owned content + an incredibly high quality paid media spot but have made very little effort to maximize the earned media value….  In my opinion if you are going to spend that much on one spot it should be supported by digital media in the paid and earned space.  The YouTube film has not been posted publicly so that it is discoverable and there is not any paid search to overcome the lack of natural visibility.

I really believe this is the new model for marketing in a POE world but you have to get all the elements working together to make the most of the new media ecosystem.

The Age of ‘More’ – The impact of POE on the role of a media planner

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It will come as no surprise to you that media consumption has entered the age of ‘more’.

More personalized, more on-demand and more choice.  This makes media planning more complex and much more interesting.  Good media is not just about reaching the right audience but about how it can spark or amplify conversations involving the brand.


The boundaries for what is ‘media’ have expanded and potentially anything we can imagine can fill this new space.  We must consider every touchpoint and the role it plays in building the brand’s connection with consumers.  This takes into account Paid, Owned and Earned media.  Paid, largely being the spaces filled by advertising; Owned, being  all brand assets, products and associated content; Earned being the resulting conversation about the brand and the role people play in spreading the message further.

In a POE world a brand must have something to say (owned content) and have permission to say it in order to start or be part of conversations.

The more time people spend with a brand’s owned content and being exposed to positive earned opinion and content from influencers, the more relevant and powerful the paid media becomes. 

The effectiveness POE ecosystem is therefore massively reliant on a well thought through consumer journey.


Understanding and becoming expert in the consumer journey is undoubtedly the biggest change for media planners.

The consumer journey is now less linear and controllable, therefore, how a brand networks its communications across platforms and formats is critical to telling a consistent and powerful story.  This changes the start point for the planner in building a communications strategy and asks them to consider the owned content first.

The modern media planner must be fluent in multiple platforms and must be able to think about the architecture of the journey between paid, owned and earned media. They must be able to plan for always-on communication balancing pushed and pulled messages. 

They should be able to clearly articulate the relationship between paid media and the brand experience making it less directional and more involving; they must become proficient content planners and conversation architects, building more complex and layered communications plans.

They must understand the inter-relationships and dependencies between the channels and platforms and considering all the implications that a multi-platform content strategy may have.

The modern media agency is one that is fluent in content, conversation and reach.  Being a media planner in this context must be one of the best jobs in the agency.

A match made for owned heaven

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Heston and Delia, maybe an unlikely combination on first glance but I am emjoying Waitrose’ current comms strategy that has put a content partnership at its heart.  This campaign has been executed with consistency across multiple channels and it is encouraging me as customer to spend more time thinking about waitrose.  Delia and Heston can be experienced in store, in their weekly newspaper, on the website, on youtube and on my iphone.  What a brilliant example of making your ‘owned’ assets work for you, i think is more they could be doing to drive earned media from this activity to make it even more powerful.  Focusing on ‘owned’ i like the fact that however I choose to access this content the story is simple to follow and it provides me with something useful whether I see it first in store, or read about it in their newspaper or discover it on my iphone. The new iphone app allows me to view the recipes and add to my shopping list (not to buy via iphone but to use in store) if i want to watch the chefs in action I can go to their new Youtube channel.  I also read that waitrose are launching a cooking school later this year.  In my mind Waitrose are now a premium brand but now also really demonstrate their value by offering me more products and services that I would have expected from a supermarket and just in case I still feel that I should be more careful with my grocery money then the new ATL campaign is making me feel better that on over 1000 products they are same price as Tesco.  Another example of a brand who gets the new ecosystem and how each layer of content can contribute to how I feel about them… just need to be a bit more in the earned space….

Yeo Valley, paid, owned and earned

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If like me you love the X-factor then you will have probably witnessed the new feature length Yeo Valley TV ad.  I am not quite sure how I feel about the ad itself but it got my attention and stopped me leaving the room.  At the end of the ad it said search for Yeo Valley and I did… The google results served up an interesting combination of ‘owned’ and earned.  Top of the list was a blog post from Hippy Shopper talking about the new ad, then came live twitter comments and below that the natural link to the Yeo Valley website.  Twitscoop showed Yeo trending alongside Cheryl, X-factor and the contestants so people were definitely talking about the ad.  Mixed views over whether or not people loved the ad and whether it was original but that aside I think this was a smart move for a brand this to get cut through by using a combination of POE. Now, what they do next is critical, they have got some consumer attention so will they reveal the next part of the story of ‘down on the farm’ or have they spent all the money on one ad in one spot….