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my iPad

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 11, 2010 by Joanna Lyall

This my first blog post via my iPad, is it very sad that I am excited? Probably but I embrace the geek inside me. I have spent a few hours browsing the available apps working out what I want. So far I have big oven, FT, iBook and kindle. I am debating downloading the times app but 9.99 seems quite a lot so i am undecided. I thought I would just use it for browsing web and watching video or viewing pics but I can see why it is also good for presentations, I think pages will be my next download. Pictures look stunning on here, I have been looking at my wedding photos, the iPad is the perfect portable album. It is actually really nice to type on, you could definitely do long hand work on here that you can’t do on an iPhone. Now my next job is to choose a secret code to lock my iPad with to stop my husband taking over, i have only been home a few hours and he has already called it ‘our iPad’, I think not…


The iPad

Posted in content, Ideas you love to share with tags , , , on January 29, 2010 by Joanna Lyall

As with most Apple products this looks beautiful.  As I watched the film this morning about what it can do I could imagine it in my life.  If you have never looked at your photos on an apple screen before then do it now because they look beautiful, the iPad is perfect for sharing your holiday or wedding photos with friends.  So far I see it as more of a sit back and enjoy product than an active get in there and do stuf product.  i.e. watch films, read mags, read a book, read the news, watch telly and view photos.  I can see it in my lounge, kitchen and holiday but I can’t see it in my handbag everday.  Here’s the but, the price point is good but I don’t want another mobile account to pay for every month, I would just want to use it in wifi zones is that not possible?