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BT paid owned and earned for the second biggest wedding of the year

Posted in Ideas you love to share, POE with tags , , , , , on April 27, 2011 by Joanna Lyall

I quite enjoyed the 1min 34 second BT advert at the weekend showing the wedding of Jane and Adam.  I especially admire the fact that BT have told a consistent story that more recently had the input of their fans along the way.  They have once again modernised the BT family communication to connect better with todays consumer. Whether you like the ads or not is somewhat irrelevant, I think BT have put themselves out there much more than usual and have been innovative in their approach to capture some emotion and engagement from UK consumers.  480k votes were cast over what dress she should wear, what car they would travel in and what song would be their first dance.  As far as I can see they seem to have done things in the right way and showed the finished ads and extra behind the scenes content to facebook fans first as a reward for their input and fans even got the chance to be extras at the wedding.  Last year 1.6 million people voted on Jane’s pregnancy, based on numbers alone the wedding doesn’t seem as quite as successful but it certainly grew the facebook following.
BT have successfully used a long standing owned content asset to generate conversation and positive sentiment from consumers as well as delivering impact through traditional paid media channels.  This integrated campaign is a good example for other advertisers to see how a story can be told simply across multiple channels which encourages sharing and contribution along the way.


Honda integrating Paid and Owned

Posted in POE with tags , , , on February 15, 2011 by Joanna Lyall

Capitalizing on the multi screen viewing behaviour of consumers today the new Honda Jazz ad nicely integrates paid media with owned content, driving greater engagement and connection.  The ad invites viewers to interact through their iPhone by literally grabbing characters off the screen and collecting them inside an app.  The idea has received mixed reviews but personally I think it is congruent with the Honda brand.

Excerpt from The Digital Buzz blog: The campaign was created by W+K London and uses whats called “screen hopping” that works by having sound from the TV ad recgonised by the iPhone App, so when pre defined sound waves are read, the app knows to display the same character that was on screen at that moment, essentially giving you the ability to interact with the TV ad in real time.

Screen hopping takes this a little further though, once you’ve got the character, you can interact separately with each one away from the TV ad, by doing things like singing into the iPhone to make characters dance.

A match made for owned heaven

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Heston and Delia, maybe an unlikely combination on first glance but I am emjoying Waitrose’ current comms strategy that has put a content partnership at its heart.  This campaign has been executed with consistency across multiple channels and it is encouraging me as customer to spend more time thinking about waitrose.  Delia and Heston can be experienced in store, in their weekly newspaper, on the website, on youtube and on my iphone.  What a brilliant example of making your ‘owned’ assets work for you, i think is more they could be doing to drive earned media from this activity to make it even more powerful.  Focusing on ‘owned’ i like the fact that however I choose to access this content the story is simple to follow and it provides me with something useful whether I see it first in store, or read about it in their newspaper or discover it on my iphone. The new iphone app allows me to view the recipes and add to my shopping list (not to buy via iphone but to use in store) if i want to watch the chefs in action I can go to their new Youtube channel.  I also read that waitrose are launching a cooking school later this year.  In my mind Waitrose are now a premium brand but now also really demonstrate their value by offering me more products and services that I would have expected from a supermarket and just in case I still feel that I should be more careful with my grocery money then the new ATL campaign is making me feel better that on over 1000 products they are same price as Tesco.  Another example of a brand who gets the new ecosystem and how each layer of content can contribute to how I feel about them… just need to be a bit more in the earned space….

The effect of technology on business and culture

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There is no doubt in my mind that technology has more power to change our world than anything else.  Where did you first hear the news on Michael Jackson?  If you are under 30 it was probably facebook.  The availability of content has put the consumer in the powerful position of being able to choose.

Young people today are bringing with them media habits that hold great concern for traditional content businesses like newspapers and broadcasters.  They don’t want to read long winded opinion pieces, if it can’t be summed up in a 140 characters then they are unlikely to spend much time with it.  The format of the newspaper is not appealing to them at all, it takes too long, it is too big and generally doesn’t offer anything to them that they can’t get elsewhere.  This generation are all connected on facebook, the listen to music on the iphone/ipod or other mobile, radio to them is lastfm, TV is watched o playback skipping the ads unless the are cool enough to stop and watch.  I am wondering what will happen when more content has a paywall attached to it?  How will they lure the under 25 s in?  If they don’t hook them into habit based consumption soon then chances they never will.

Mind the Gap – This is from an opinion piece on paid for content, coming soon….