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Strength in numbers?

Posted in Media, social with tags , , on July 14, 2009 by Joanna Lyall

We already know it is not about reaching audiences any more it is about putting yourself in the right place to be discovered by the right people.  The focus is not shouting at as many people as possible until they give in and buy your product, it is more subtle than that it is about having a conversation with a few people who might care enough to tell their friends.  Advertisers want to get their brands in front of people who can afford to buy them so don’t walk away from a small group of Tweeters because the TV campaign holds great promise of numbers of eyeballs.  This quote from Wired sums it up well for me…..

‘Sure, 300,000 Twitter followers isn’t the same as an umpty-million TV audience, but those 300K people are highly selective neophiles with disposable income. They have bloody iPhones and everything. At some point, he’ll recommend a prose book and the number of people tapping their way to Amazon for a one-click-and-back-to-their-Kindle-app is going to be eminently trackable. That may very well tell an interesting story.’  warren Ellis Wired Magazine