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It’s the small things that matter..

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The DAWN team have been busy preparing for our next (sold out!) event this coming Wednesday.  The theme, approrpriate for the New Year is ‘balance’.  We are asking the question ‘How Balanced is you Life’ and attempting to give the attendees some new ideas and tools to make a difference to their worlds.  On the night we will be joined by a stylist, careers advisor, life coach and nutritionist to give a holistic point view on how to bring life into balance and achieve your dreams.

Today I came across a TED talk from Nigel Marsh about this very subject and thought it was well worth sharing.  Nigel talks about taking responsibility for your life and designing around what makes you happy, set your boundaries and be honest with yourself.  Large companies will try to get as much from you as possible, it is just in their DNA.  So, it is up to us to take responsibility for our own worlds and just by making a few small adjustments we may see some big results.

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An idea worth paying for

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An idea I’d love share

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The Big Lunch from mastercard looked pretty succesful fromwhere I was standing.  I saw a street near my home turned into a village fete for the day.  All the neighbours where out with their kids actually talking to each other, in London this is quite unusal behaviour.  I think I may even have had a bit of street envy, next year my street will be getting involved….  This idea was great because it activated people into changing their behaviour and doing something different, and why?  because a brand recognised a need in culture for people to connect more with each other and gave them the tools to make it happen.

From an advertising POV I am wondering what they will do next, how will the content be shared and the campaign made bigger?  Quotes of 2 million people being involved have been suggested, how will Mastercard  ensure those people remain advocates….

Detached observation

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It struck me recently during a conversation with one of my team about the Darwin Big Idea exhibition, about the importance of detached observation.  When we work with a subject that we have direct experience with as a consumer, a real person, our ability to generate good ideas is much stronger.  This is because we have spent time enjoying and experiencing rather than searching with an objective and goal.  When we get a new brief to explore ideas in a subject we are unfamiliar with our natural approach is to dive straight in looking for something to solve our problem.  This means our perspective is narrowed and out of touch with how a true consumer might see it.  To get better ideas spend some with your new subject observing with interest not with an objective.

Darwin Big ideas

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Check this exhibition out, we are going to.

Darwin is the biggest ever exhibition about Charles Darwin. It celebrates Darwin’s ideas and their impact for his 200th birthday in 2009. Discover the man and the revolutionary theory that changed our understanding of the world. See incredible, revealing and rare exhibits, some on display for the first time.

Inspiration from the top of your head

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Hats, An Anthology by Stephen Jones is the latest exhibition at the V&A.  I never have really considered the creativity and innovations around hat making, something can often be so simple and practical can also be a statement and art.  Whilst wondering round I began to think about what we could learn from these creations.   So firstly there is the Inspiration stage – Inspiration can be taken from anything and anyone, he says a hat begins life as an idea in the mind of a Milliner.  It can be inspired by a vague perception, a sound, a scent or solid object.  Stephen Jones says ‘I simply life my life and put it into a hat’.  Next comes Creation –  The Milliners workroom or atelier is the creative laboratory where hat designs are transformed from ideas into reality.  Whist tools, methods and materials have changed over the years the actual process is still very similar, where expert handwork is vital.  He describes each hat being coaxed into being, this sounds to me almost like it lives and breathes.  For us in the world of marketing ideas I think we can learn from the Milliner in his ability to look around at the world and turn it into an idea, a hat.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.  visit – talks and events to hear more from Stephen Jones