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The effect of technology on business and culture

Posted in content with tags , , , , on July 14, 2009 by Joanna Lyall

There is no doubt in my mind that technology has more power to change our world than anything else.  Where did you first hear the news on Michael Jackson?  If you are under 30 it was probably facebook.  The availability of content has put the consumer in the powerful position of being able to choose.

Young people today are bringing with them media habits that hold great concern for traditional content businesses like newspapers and broadcasters.  They don’t want to read long winded opinion pieces, if it can’t be summed up in a 140 characters then they are unlikely to spend much time with it.  The format of the newspaper is not appealing to them at all, it takes too long, it is too big and generally doesn’t offer anything to them that they can’t get elsewhere.  This generation are all connected on facebook, the listen to music on the iphone/ipod or other mobile, radio to them is lastfm, TV is watched o playback skipping the ads unless the are cool enough to stop and watch.  I am wondering what will happen when more content has a paywall attached to it?  How will they lure the under 25 s in?  If they don’t hook them into habit based consumption soon then chances they never will.

Mind the Gap – This is from an opinion piece on paid for content, coming soon….