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Where is hot in May? Branded utility from BA

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When I plan a holiday I either know where I want to go or I know when I want to go.  The first is ok but when you only have a time slot it can he hard to know where to start.  This month BA launched Tripseeker, an interactive planning tool that allows you to find a destination based on time, price and temperature.  You can play with the variables and see on a map what your options are (uses Google Earth).  This tool is built with BA destinations in mind so might not cover everything but it is a good start.  Imagine if you could also add recommendation data to this tool as well.  So once you have identified your ideal destination you could then get pull in recommendations and reviews for hotels, restaurants and sights.  Feel like getting away?  Try out Tripseeker


Flipboard does it for me

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The new iPad flipboard has got me all excited about the future of magazine style reading on the iPad. It is the first app in this sector that I have seen that has surprised and impressed me. They have seamlessly integrated social technology into the product allowing you to comment and share, this is something that has been missed by other major publishers so far. I also really like the idea of building my own mag based on my interests that can simply flip between each channel of content without leaving the app. The format works really well allowing you to browse headlines and then dive into articles that interest you, i have just lost an hour of my evening enjoying the flip tech content. There seem to be questions on whether what they are doing is legal but assuming that they are pulling open feeds of content then what is the problem. One thing that I am not sure about is how are they planning on making money?

Old spice

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What a great ad, but chekc out the making of  the whole thing is one take… genius. 

We talk about the ad just being the starting point, the thing that sparks enough interest for a consumer to go and find out more, this is where the opportunity to get really engaged comes.  Old Spice should create more content for people to play with….  They have over 500,000 facebook fans just waiting to smell like a man…

The effect of technology on business and culture

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There is no doubt in my mind that technology has more power to change our world than anything else.  Where did you first hear the news on Michael Jackson?  If you are under 30 it was probably facebook.  The availability of content has put the consumer in the powerful position of being able to choose.

Young people today are bringing with them media habits that hold great concern for traditional content businesses like newspapers and broadcasters.  They don’t want to read long winded opinion pieces, if it can’t be summed up in a 140 characters then they are unlikely to spend much time with it.  The format of the newspaper is not appealing to them at all, it takes too long, it is too big and generally doesn’t offer anything to them that they can’t get elsewhere.  This generation are all connected on facebook, the listen to music on the iphone/ipod or other mobile, radio to them is lastfm, TV is watched o playback skipping the ads unless the are cool enough to stop and watch.  I am wondering what will happen when more content has a paywall attached to it?  How will they lure the under 25 s in?  If they don’t hook them into habit based consumption soon then chances they never will.

Mind the Gap – This is from an opinion piece on paid for content, coming soon….

Join the debate

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Should we pay for content online?  and will we?

What is content in media?

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Content has many guises, it can live anywhere, can be an experience, a film, an event, a book, a game, a corralling thought or proposition and many more things we have not even thought of yet. We believe content should invite participation and involvement from the user, viewer or visitor. Content can change opinion, challenge beliefs or reaffirm them and allow brands access to places they have never been before.

A new model – Simple, useful content on the go

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I have been thinking a lot recently about how content owners can make more revenue from their digital content.  Ad revenues online don’t compete that well with their print equivilants so there has be other ways to make online content more profitable.  One area that I think is worth exploring is export.  What makes people prepared to pay for some content and not others?  Partly it is about the uniqueness and the relative importance of that content to that person and the other is what people are used to having to pay for.  The itunes model prepared  iphone users for a pay as you go, for what you want model, so the launch of the apps store was a natural progression and I was stunned to read that the most popular apps are earning the creaters a decentprofit, for some a living.  For example the Night Stand app which turns your iphone into a retro digital clock earned £480k in downloads.  Most apps are cheap, a few pounds at most and this makes them appealing to a very broad audience.  Since launch over 500 million apps have been downloaded from the apps store.  So if I was a content producer and owner I would be spending a lot time right now thinking about how I could turn my content into simple useful applications that people would be prepared to pay a few pounds for.