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Mobile applications turn static comms into engaging experiences

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Technology provides the vehicle that turns paid advertising into owned and earned value.   Autonomy, a UK search technology company developed application called Aurasma that allows a user to point their iPhone or iPad at a static image and generate a video.  essentially this allows you to bring a print ad to life and creates a richer more engaging brand experience for the consumer.  This type of technology falls under the augmented reality category and Google offers a similar tool in it Goggles application.  I think we will see more of this integrated advertising made possible through the growth of smart phones.  The FT recently used this technology in a partnership with Wally Yachts, it turned a still image into a film of boat racing.


Falling angels

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Great use of augmented reality  to bring the new Lynx campaign idea to life.  Currently at 869k views on youtube.  Good example of owned content driving earned media value.

Anything you can imagine and more

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Everyday it seems that someone tells me about or shows me a new iphone app.  Today Tim Mitchell showed me Acrossair and Nearest tube, both are augemented reality type apps and they really are very cool.  Nearest tube shows you the options laid out geographically and then allows you to click through to a map with directions.    Acrossair pulls in a number of feeds including restaurants  which again get displayed geographically on the screen.  So simple and smart.  Check them out.

Wake up to augmented reality

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