Honda integrating Paid and Owned

Capitalizing on the multi screen viewing behaviour of consumers today the new Honda Jazz ad nicely integrates paid media with owned content, driving greater engagement and connection.  The ad invites viewers to interact through their iPhone by literally grabbing characters off the screen and collecting them inside an app.  The idea has received mixed reviews but personally I think it is congruent with the Honda brand.

Excerpt from The Digital Buzz blog: The campaign was created by W+K London and uses whats called “screen hopping” that works by having sound from the TV ad recgonised by the iPhone App, so when pre defined sound waves are read, the app knows to display the same character that was on screen at that moment, essentially giving you the ability to interact with the TV ad in real time.

Screen hopping takes this a little further though, once you’ve got the character, you can interact separately with each one away from the TV ad, by doing things like singing into the iPhone to make characters dance.


One Response to “Honda integrating Paid and Owned”

  1. Cute. It clearly creates engagement with the brand….not sure what its doing for the brand positioning and how’ll it’ll be measured. Interesting

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