The social network

I went to see The Social Network last night, the cinema was packed full of young people, it is not that often that I see film where pretty much every seat in the theatre is taken, I suppose this is indicative of just how big an impact Facebook has made on our lives.  Most book lovers always claim that the book is better than the film but I am not sure that stands this time.  This is  story where who you know and what you know take equal measure in their contribution to success.  Genius can exist in small pockets and never penetrate our culture until someone with connections and an understanding of what the next big thing looks like comes along.  I am continually amazed by how the ‘geeks’ of this world can fluently speak the language of the web and how it flows out of them like it is their purpose in life to code.  I am now reading “The Facebook effect’ a slightly different take on the story in the first half and the second part is more about Facebooks effect on our world.  Go see the film if you haven’t done yet…


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