Race Online

Race Online is the government initiative lead by Martha Lane Fox to get the UK online by 2012.  Did you know that 9m have never used the web and 4 mil of those are excluded because of their economic and social situation. 3.1 m no longer regularly see a friend or neighbour, they live isolate life.  Race Online is helping these people get connected back into society and the world through the power of technology.  There are now over 4000 UK Online centres that you can walk into and get online.

The BBC have the ambition to get enable the UK to see every Olympic sport in 2o12 via the web.  Without the Race Online work 1 in 5 would never get this opportunity. Race Online are being supported by numerous partners including Microsoft, BBC and Google.  The BBC have launched their 1st Click campaign (http://www.bbc.co.uk/connect/campaigns/first_click.shtml) and Google are giving away a book on how to get online and demystify the web with every Big Issue sold next week.

The internet changes peoples lives, it connects them to the world, improves their education, saves families money and so much more.

Find out more:  http://raceonline2012.org/


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