HTC vs iPhone

I might have mentioned that I am an Apple fan before…… but this weekend I opened my mind to the idea that there might be an alternative. This weekend it came in the shape of an HTC android phone….

Round 1: battery life. So you think your iPhone battery is bad? It is a duracell bunny compared to the HTC

Round 2: usability. Nearly on par to the iPhone. Not bad, not as natural to me as iPhone but good enough. Within 10 mins I was quizzing around the screens and apps.

Round 3: apps. Android has not quite got the big brand selection that iPhone offers. This is only a matter of time though. Unsurprisingly there are some good google android apps! The android store also needs some work.

Round 4: home screens, android has a nice social feed on the home screen for latest Facebook and Twitter update.

Round 5: connectivity. Not as fast as iPhone 4. Tethering option very handy when no wifi was available for my iPad! iPhone needs to catch up.

Round 6: media. Android just cannot compete with iPhone when it comes to syncing music and photos. This for me is a deal breaker.

Overall : 5:1 to iPhone.

Android is better than I thought but for me is still not as a good an experience as the all round look, style, usage, syncing and connective power of the iPhone. But, it is not that far behind, so Apple the gap is closing, what will be your next move? ….


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