An iPad is not going to make councils better at their jobs

I don’t usually blog about government related issues but I am literally incensed by an article that I have just read about Leicester council buying ipads for their councillors. One the staff were quoted saying that if a constituent approached them on a street with a problem they would be able to start dealing with it straight away via their iPad, can anyone really imagine that being true, what was he planning on doing…. Google it? the constituent has probably already tried that. So if you live in Leicester look out for Ross Grant and his shiny new toy.

If the councils want to appear more up to date and improve the efficiency and work flow I am not convinced an iPad will be the solution.

I am a big believer in technology improving business output but an iPad is the finishing touch not the starting point.

If they believe it will help them so much why not buy themselves one rather than spending out taxes on it!? I work in the digital industry and I bought my own, I don’t expect my company to buy me it for me (maybe i’m the fool!).


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