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No Place for advertisers

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The industry seems excited about Facebook Places launch and so they should be to a point…  Facebook places will certainly make it harder for the smaller players to compete given they have a ready-made network just waiting to update us on where they are.  The application of places adds genuine value to a social network.  The problem for me is that the majority of requirements to ‘check in’ will be on-the-go, out-and-about and currently Facebook don’t allow any commercial messages on the mobile platform, so it seems advertisers will have to look elsewhere for there LBA opportunities.


I have said it before

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so will say it again.  Coca-cola are leaders in social marketing.  This case study shows a very smart way of linking facebook fans to real world experiences.  Using RFID codes to generate likes and content back to the fan page.

The perfect match

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Save the Children are involving Mummy bloggers in their campaign to highlight Bangladeshi plight.

Lots of brands are interested in involving bloggers in their campaigns and many bloggers are spammed by such requests on a daily basis.  If a brand wants to ask a blogger to help them communicate a message about their brand the upfront work is as important as the outcome.  Just because someone blogs about being a mum or loving cakes does not make them perfect partner to promote your brand.  Some agencies might mistake the blogging community as just another media channel and forget that we are dealing with real people.  If you do you research right and spend time really understanding what each blogger likes to talk about then you can create very successful and mutally beneficial partnerships between brands and blogs.

Just because you can build it does not mean that you should

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Why didn’t google wave work? In my opinion when technology leads development without a clear consumer need success is much less likely and the developer community are not a great proxy for mass behaviour. Google wave appears to be a victim of this problem.

On the whole most adults don’t want to be part of an ongoing recorded conversation with the ability to work seamlessly on documents together, we are just not that evolved. On the other hand the younger generation can’t get enough of BBM and Whats App which gives them an always on direct line to their friends. So maybe wave just peaked to early.

BBC article

An iPad is not going to make councils better at their jobs

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I don’t usually blog about government related issues but I am literally incensed by an article that I have just read about Leicester council buying ipads for their councillors. One the staff were quoted saying that if a constituent approached them on a street with a problem they would be able to start dealing with it straight away via their iPad, can anyone really imagine that being true, what was he planning on doing…. Google it? the constituent has probably already tried that. So if you live in Leicester look out for Ross Grant and his shiny new toy.

If the councils want to appear more up to date and improve the efficiency and work flow I am not convinced an iPad will be the solution.

I am a big believer in technology improving business output but an iPad is the finishing touch not the starting point.

If they believe it will help them so much why not buy themselves one rather than spending out taxes on it!? I work in the digital industry and I bought my own, I don’t expect my company to buy me it for me (maybe i’m the fool!).