The Sunday papers got me thinking

I enjoyed reading The Sunday Times this weekend, I sat in the sun with a glass of champagne and some strawberries, all sounds normal (maybe not the champagne bit, I was on holiday) but this week it was on my iPad. I really like the new format as I have talked about before and it works brilliantly on the iPad.

Worth noting that as a non paper buyer The Times have gained me as a new reader, certainly for now until they start charging me.

As I was browsing I was thinking the app and wondering that with such a strong web experience why would I bother paying another £9.99 for the app?  Surely the information is the same just presented in a different format.   I assume it can be accessed offline which is a bonus but potentially not one worth paying for in my opinion.  I think that apps developed for iPad will have to offer something very compelling for a user to not just use web based content that they know and love especially as increasingly websites will be updated and developed with mobile access in mind.  It is different on the iphone because of the screen size and apps make the content more digestible.


2 Responses to “The Sunday papers got me thinking”

  1. Graham Drew Says:

    Hello there,

    My name is Graham Drew and I work for News International. I’ve just been reading you blog post. It’s very interesting and I’m happy that there are aspects of the app that appeal to you. We do acknowledge that we didn’t get absolutely everything right for launch, but we’re working ’round the clock to keep making improvements the app that really make use of the opportunities the device provides.

    All the feedback is useful; I’ll be passing it all back and, in the meantime, do keep letting us know your thoughts. You can email or tweet @New_TheTimes

  2. Joanna Lyall Says:

    Thanks for listening. I will download the app soon and give a review and comparison to the website.

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