iAd no idea where they got their prices from

There is no doubt in my mind that ads will look stunning on the iPad it will probably be the publishers that will take a lead on this platform. For the iphone which is comparatively mass the ad model will be closer to what we see on wap and web. It will work to some extent but at what cost. The iAd model is an interesting one charging for displaying a basic banner and then slapping on another charge for a click. Banner ads on mobile don’t look great, they are small and fairly intrusive albeit necessary to direct users to a better experience. However, digital buyers know what a banner is worth and it is no where close to the iAd proposed cpm. IAd will get initial take up but will struggle to scale with that model. Cool brands will want to be using these innovative new platforms and may pay the initial price but they will also then move on to the next cool thing, the ad model needs to cater for the advertisers with the money. Apple can be arrogant when it comes to their beautiful products and most of us will forgive them but they cannot afford the same attitude when it comes banner ads on apps.


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