The Times have changed but is it enough?

I have spent a bit of time on The Times new subscription site today and first impressions are good.  It is clean, bright, visual, modern and easy to use.  Nothing like a newspaper really!  Typical newspaper formats I personally find cumbersome and hard to navigate and therefore spend very little time consuming them.  You could spend quite a long time on this new site browsing through the features, enjoying the content, it pulls you in and entertains.  Whether or not I would pay for this pleasure is still for debate.  I have had a sneak preview of the iPad app but have not had a good play with it yet, so I will hold my judgement until I get my iPad this week, I have high hopes.  As I was browsing I was thinking about what is missing and then it struck me, there are no share buttons, albeit for fairly obvious reasons it seems like a big whole in what we expect from market leading web experiences today.  Maybe they could give users a set number of ‘shares’ a day where a friend could benefit from reading one article or watching one video.  This would help promote more people to subscribe if they kept on getting shares from their friends.  Something else I noticed was that the font looks bigger than normal, maybe just my large screen but I like it, makes it easier to read and enjoy.


One Response to “The Times have changed but is it enough?”

  1. Graham Drew Says:


    I’m Graham Drew. I work for News International and I’ve just been reading your blog post. All this feedback is really useful and we’re very happy to hear you’re enjoying the site so far.

    I’ll make sure all your thoughts are passed on.


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