Importance of Empathy, Just like me

When we watch a film, read a book or hear a play we wait to connect with the characters consciously and unconsciously through empathy.  As humans empathy creates a reasonnace of humanity, we seek to see something of ourselves in the lead the character and this makes it real to us.  Even if the protagonist is evil or bad their behaviour will normally be human so we can still see their POV. An interesting point raised today is that people will always take the minimal conservative action to achieve what they want, from their POV.  Human nature only allows us to move toward the positive, not the negative, again from the individuals POV in that moment.  This is hard to get your head around, but the point is that from an individual POV they will always do what seems to be the best solution in that moment, even if after it is instantly regretted.  The actions of murderer, a gangster or saint are always based on what seems to be the only option in that moment.  So when we see an inherently evil character and find ourselves able to connect them this is because of their human nature even when we morally, know they are wrong.  With this in mind I was thinking about just how incredible a brilliant writer is, something I have not fully appreciated before.  To make a character whom we may only encounter for 2 hours of our lives seem and feel like whole person with a life that has extended beyond the movie window we are seeing, whom is as real to us as the people we spend our days with.  This is the work of pure talent.

Watching a film will never be the same again now that I have some insight as to what to look for and I may just understand what it is that has made me enjoy that film more or less than the last.  Story writing is art and is an incredibly difficult career to pursue.

Robert said that a writer should be prepared to spend 10 years writing and being rejected, writing 10 major pieces of work before they have any chance of getting produced.  This would take a serious strength of character to spend such a long time with no reward and only disappointment.  On the flip slide imagine the sense of achievement when you do make it….


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