What is it worth to you

To be able to send a message to a fan when ever you have something to say?  I have been following the stories and ideas of bloggers and journalists about the value of a fan to try and form a clear POV on this. Some ideas verge on the ridiculous and others seem a little more sensible but there does not seem to be a one size fits all answer to this question.

If you know how much a group of people spend on your products then you are probably on a sensible path to answering this question.  Adidas say that their 2.7 million Facebook fans are worth more than $200m a year with the average spend on footwear being around $100 per person.  This value equation is based around build fan groups of your most loyal customers which could become your CRM programme, with a downside of not knowing the actual names of your fans.  Does the switch to ‘Like’ from ‘fan’  change this idea?  Time will tell.

More to come…


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