Social KPIs

What is the value of social marketing?  Big question.  Given you can track pretty much every interaction and contribution it can get pretty confusing and complex.  I think the key value is in what it does for your brand and sales, ultimately that is what matters.  Anyone ‘investing’ in social must believe that advocacy is a major drive of their business otherwise you would not bother.  Intuition tells you that if someone spends time having a positive, enjoyable or useful experience interacting with your brand then it will have some impact on their propensity to spend money with you or to encourage someone else to do so.  If you agree then when you set KPIs for social you are doing it in context of your overall marketing challenge and objective.  To understand value you have to be able to understand the impact that time spent with your brand has on you business.  I would suggest these metrics are not short term and that social has an always on role and therefore overtime will have increasing impact on your bottom line.  You can spend time analysing all the detailed metrics like view, shares, comments, contributions etc but keep in mind that these are only interim metrics and only contribute to the true ROI.


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