What can brands learn from Gordon Brown

I have just watch the speech from GB at the TED oxford conference and I was immediately struck by something new, a change in my feelings towards him. I watched it because someone I trust told me it was good. I am not usually big a supporter of Mr Brown but something about that speech created a shift in my mind.  It got me thinking about why, was it the content, the words, his manner, the place or context?  Yes its is true that some of the content was around moving, emotional subjects but that wasn’t just it.  I felt that he spoke my language, he talked about the web in way that connected with me, the fact that TED brought me this information gave it credibility, gave him access to a space in my media consumption that he would never usually occupy.  His manner was more relaxed than normal, his personality appeared to come through more than I had seen before.  A speech of just 16 minutes may have shifted my opinion of him positively.

So what can brands learn from this?  If we break down why I watched it and why it worked you can see how social marketing played a role.  My friend emailed a link to a group of his friends, saying watch this speech, i did not act then and there but this morning I read some tweets from TED and it reminded me to go and watch some of the speeches, arriving on the homepage the GB speech took centre stage, remembering the recommendation I decided to watch it.

Brands who struggle to engage a particular audience can benefit hugely from working with partners who already have credibility with those people who they want to talk, combine this with a recommendation from a ‘friend’ (this can anyone in your network), talk to them about things that matter to them, in their language and you will reap the benefits.

Now what can GB learn from this…..


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