Searching for the meaning

Have you ever been asked for a definition of Social Marketing?  The problem with the web is that everyone has a opinion on it so there will never be a definition but that’s ok because the very fact that nothing is complete is a good starting point for understanding social marketing as anything else would be…  I decided to tackle this question by thinking about a recipe, because in my mind social marketing is many things and it is something that can be made all the time…  So here’s my creation

A big dollop of personality

A scoop of relevance

A sprinkle of recommendations

A large spoon of opinion

A cup of content

Stir well to combine all ingredients and serve on a platter of usefulness on my table when I want it


Update:  Enjoy with friends (as suggested by Maryrose Lyons)


2 Responses to “Searching for the meaning”

  1. I like that. You could add ‘enjoy with friends’!

  2. This is a good definition of social marketing and I like the recipe approach. I think one of the most important aspects is the “when I want it”. We are becoming an “on demand” society. Having technology that enables us to have instant access to people, networks, experts and information that were unreachable before will certainly change advertising and marketing forever. The consumer is now a self marketing.

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