A new model – Simple, useful content on the go

I have been thinking a lot recently about how content owners can make more revenue from their digital content.  Ad revenues online don’t compete that well with their print equivilants so there has be other ways to make online content more profitable.  One area that I think is worth exploring is export.  What makes people prepared to pay for some content and not others?  Partly it is about the uniqueness and the relative importance of that content to that person and the other is what people are used to having to pay for.  The itunes model prepared  iphone users for a pay as you go, for what you want model, so the launch of the apps store was a natural progression and I was stunned to read that the most popular apps are earning the creaters a decentprofit, for some a living.  For example the Night Stand app which turns your iphone into a retro digital clock earned £480k in downloads.  Most apps are cheap, a few pounds at most and this makes them appealing to a very broad audience.  Since launch over 500 million apps have been downloaded from the apps store.  So if I was a content producer and owner I would be spending a lot time right now thinking about how I could turn my content into simple useful applications that people would be prepared to pay a few pounds for.


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