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Turning streets into neighbourhoods

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Mastercard were on the streets of london today turning streets into neighbourhoods and giving away fresh veg –  priceless.  It got people talking and crowding around, slightly wary of why it was free but lots of positive chatter.  I thought this was a good way of bring the idea being ‘Priceless’ to life and actually having an impact beyond a clever ad campaign.  BUT why would you not buy the keyword phrase?  Let it have impact beyond just the people who walk past it.  It forms part of a bigger campaign  –  see below article and also (although it has not launched yet)


Possibly one of the worst ideas

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Ad agencies have to actually sponsor the London Olympics in order to get the job…  ermmm let us think about that one.

Darwin Big ideas

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Check this exhibition out, we are going to.

Darwin is the biggest ever exhibition about Charles Darwin. It celebrates Darwin’s ideas and their impact for his 200th birthday in 2009. Discover the man and the revolutionary theory that changed our understanding of the world. See incredible, revealing and rare exhibits, some on display for the first time.

Rules of Mash

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Aparantly there are some unwritten rules about mash ups. If you don’t know what you are doing be prepared to be ranted at. A good mash up should be at least 45 mins. You need to take time to think about how the content flows and why it would be interesting to anyone else. You have been warned…

Inspiration from the top of your head

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Hats, An Anthology by Stephen Jones is the latest exhibition at the V&A.  I never have really considered the creativity and innovations around hat making, something can often be so simple and practical can also be a statement and art.  Whilst wondering round I began to think about what we could learn from these creations.   So firstly there is the Inspiration stage – Inspiration can be taken from anything and anyone, he says a hat begins life as an idea in the mind of a Milliner.  It can be inspired by a vague perception, a sound, a scent or solid object.  Stephen Jones says ‘I simply life my life and put it into a hat’.  Next comes Creation –  The Milliners workroom or atelier is the creative laboratory where hat designs are transformed from ideas into reality.  Whist tools, methods and materials have changed over the years the actual process is still very similar, where expert handwork is vital.  He describes each hat being coaxed into being, this sounds to me almost like it lives and breathes.  For us in the world of marketing ideas I think we can learn from the Milliner in his ability to look around at the world and turn it into an idea, a hat.  Inspiration comes from everywhere.  visit – talks and events to hear more from Stephen Jones

Flipping great

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The Flip Mino video camera really is a great idea.  Simple, slick and effective.  My sister in law introduced me to this little beauty which she uses to film her baby as he grows to make films for the grandparents back home in England.  It is the size of a mobile phone, takes 60 mins of footage and uses a USB plug and edit software which makes movie making a doddle.  Gadgets like this make video based social networking very accessible.

a new blog is a bit like fresh bed sheets

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This blog is about things related to ideas, creativity, technology and advertising.  I will post things that inspire me, interest me, that I can learn from and things that are just relevant to my blog subject.